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Apple has already introduced the iOS 14 beta 7. There are only a few weeks left until the final release of iOS 14. In September, Apple will introduce the new smartphones iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max under the control of the “thirteenth” assembly of its operating system, famous for its high level of security and unprecedented stability. Of course, the iPhone will also receive the update of previous generations – from the iPhone 6S (2015 release) and iPhone SE (2016) to the current models.

Traditionally, before the release of the final version of iOS, Cupertinians release beta versions – separately for application developers, as well as for everyone. Everyone is happy. Users because they can pre-test new features, and software developers get access to the OS to train application development taking into account upcoming innovations.

The eighth iOS 14 beta 7 fixes bugs found by developers and users in the previous version of the firmware. The speed of the test firmware on all “iPhones” has increased significantly.

What’s new in iOS 14 beta 7?

You can find the full list of new iOS 14 features in our full review of the operating system.

The most important innovation of the iOS sample of 2019 is the appearance of a full-fledged dark theme that works almost perfectly – we wrote about it in detail here.

As for development beta 7, we did not find any global innovations in it – the G7 beta is very close to the final iOS 14, so Apple engineers at the moment have concentrated all their attention on improving existing functions, rather than adding new ones.

The stability of the new test build of iOS 14 for developers has increased, bugs have decreased.

If you find something important that we have not noticed, we are waiting for comments on this material.

What iPhone models can I install iOS 14 on?

  • iPhone XS released in 2018 – our smartphone review
  • The current flagship iPhone XS Max, also introduced in 2018 – read our review
  • Not so expensive iPhone XR of 2018 with a capacious battery – an overview
  • Jubilee and still up-to-date iPhone X (2017) – overview
  • Latest iPhone 8 with Home Button (2017) – Overview
  • Its “big” version of the iPhone 8 Plus (2017) – review
  • Still up-to-date iPhone 7 (2016) – overview
  • And the gorgeous iPhone 7 Plus (2016) – review
  • The first iPhone with 3D Touch iPhone 6s, released in 2015
  • New iOS can also be installed on 7th generation iPod touch
  • Unfortunately, the old iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus no longer support iOS 14. At most you can upgrade these devices to iOS 13.4, released this summer.

Should I use iOS 14 beta?

No, we strongly do not recommend installing beta firmware on our main devices. This applies not only to iPhones, but also iPads, as well as Mac computers. The fact is that they are also test versions – they may contain errors, numerous bugs, you risk losing important information. And no one will bear any responsibility – you bet only at your own risk and peril.

Our warning did not work, the spirit of adventure is too strong in you, are you ready to take risks? Then at least make a backup copy of all the data stored on your iPhone. We told you how to make a copy in iCloud storage by connecting to Wi-Fi. You can also connect the smartphone to the computer by a wired method and turn on iTunes – then follow the steps from this instruction.

And, yes, you should not put a beta version for developers in the event that you are not. Development assemblies are usually less stable than public ones – it makes sense to wait for a public option.

How to install development iOS 14 beta 7?

Those who first decided to install a beta version for developers, you must first become a member of the Apple Developer Program.

1) To do this, you need to go to the official Apple website from your iPhone, join the beta development program. Apple does not take any money for this. Well – you help the company test their new iOS!

2) After we go to the site by entering your Apple ID account information.

3) Then you need to register the device on which you plan to install the beta version of iOS 14.

4) Download the developer profile for further installation of the test assembly.

5) As soon as the file is downloaded, go to “iPhone” in “Settings” → “General” → “Profile”, agree to set the profile of the developer. Reboot the iPhone.

6) When the device is turned on, go to “Settings”, select “General” and go to the “Software Update” section. There will be the coveted eighth beta of iOS 14 for software creators. Install and test.

For those who previously used iOS 14 beta for developers, installing the update is much easier – just be connected to Wi-Fi. The firmware is downloaded automatically (as is the case with stable new versions of iOS). The user only needs to go to Settings → General → Software Update and download iOS 14 beta 7.

Make sure that the iPhone battery is at least 50% charged. We recommend connecting the smartphone to the charger.

iOS 14 Beta Release Date and Concept


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