iOS 14 Beta Download

iOS 14 Beta Download

Apple’s iOS 14 announced in an event organized in the past weeks and announced some features sounds like a bomb. There is another way for users who want to try iOS 14 beta download in advance, which is only a few months before it is released to the end user. As of June 25, Apple released the open beta of iOS 14.

This is a little different from the standard update downloads you make to your iPhone. If you want to download the current stable version of iOS instead of open beta, you need to follow some different steps.

How to Get iPhone Backup

Because beta versions are unstable and include risks such as losing data on your device, Apple recommends that you take a full backup of your device before installing a beta version on your device. To do this, connect your device to your iTunes computer and unlock it.

Click the device icon from the top left. In the Backups section, select This computer and Encrypt local backup just below. You will be prompted to set a password to protect your data.

Follow the steps below to install iOS 14 beta after you’ve done a backup of about 5 minutes.

iOS 14 Beta Download

Note: Perform the following operations with the Safari internet browser on your iPhone, not with an internet browser on your computer.

sign up

If you haven’t downloaded any Apple beta before, sign up and sign in to Apple’s beta program with the blue Sign up button ( Sign in if you are already registered.

enroll your iOS 14 beta device

After logging in, select the iOS operating system on the page that opens. Scroll to Get Started in the center of the page and click “enroll your iOS device”.

ios 14 beta download profile

On the page that opens, proceed to step 2. Click the blue download profile button under the Install profile heading.


In the bubble warning, select Allow.


To download the downloaded profile, go to Settings> General. Select Profiles at the bottom of the page and click the iOS 14 & iPadOS 14 Beta Software profile under the downloaded Profile heading. Select Install at the top right.

When the profile installation is complete, go to Settings> General> Software Update and check for software updates. iOS 14 will be available as downloadable. Click the Download and Install button.

When iOS 14 beta download is complete, click Install Now. The battery level of your device must be more than 50% before starting the installation.

By performing the above steps, you will have successfully upgraded your iPhone to iOS 14 beta. Thanks to the backup you receive, you will not be in danger of losing your data if any problems occur on your device.

iOS 14 Beta Features

New wallpaper in iOS 14 beta

iOS 14 leaves the user-selected background image of iOS 12. But there are also new ones in red, blue, green and gray that change their color to dark mode (see page 3).

To find here: System Settings -> Background Image -> Single Image.

Share a photo without a location

Who wants to share a photo, can now remove the location data from the image without additional app.

Here’s how: In the iOS Photos app, select a picture and tap the Share arrow. Above the picture appears options. Tap on it and turn off location.

Attachment in the calendar

You can add attachments to an event in the Calendar app. Currently this is apparently not possible with existing appointments, but you have to create a new one.

Here’s how: Open the Calendar app. In addition, open the files app (open from below by wiping dock, then drag files icon up). Drag the document to a point in the calendar.

Connect bluetooth mouse

The iPad can be re-controlled via a Bluetooth mouse – although not all functions.

Here’s how: First you connect a mouse with the iPad. This is not done in the Bluetooth settings, but in the iOS settings under Accessibility -> Tap -> AssistiveTouch -> pointing devices -> Bluetooth devices. If the mouse is in pairing mode, you will find it here. In order to use them, you also have to turn on AssistiveTouch.

Adjust mouse cursor

You can change the color, size and duration of the cursor (a rounder point). You can also set the sensitivity from slow to fast.

Here you will find: System Preferences -> Accessibility -> Tap -> AssistiveTouch -> Cursor or Pointer Motion.

Time-synchronous lyrics

Like a karaoke screen iOS 14 can run the lyrics. And if you scroll the lyrics, the music jumps to the right place.

Here’s how to do it: Start Song in the Music app, tap Player, and then tap the balloon in the bottom left corner.

Other language for individual app

An app is poorly translated into German? In iOS 14 you can use individual applications in a different language.

Here’s how: Go to the system settings and scroll down to the desired app. Tap on it and select Language. Here you can see the available languages ​​for each app.

In public transport disrupt

The “do not disturb” function can automatically switch on when driving. So that does not happen in public transport, you turn on in iOS 14, the public transport detection.

Here you will find: System Settings -> Do Not Disturb -> Do not disturb while driving.


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