iOS 14 Beta Release Date and Concept

iOS 14 Beta Release Date and Concept

iOS 14 beta is the next generation operating system for iPhone and iPod touch. iOS 14 beta is currently under development. Apple will present and release the update in 2020. The release date of the final version of iOS 14 for all users will be held in September 2020. Our article provides information about ios 14 beta concept and ios 14 release date

iOS 14 will be officially unveiled at WWDC 2020 in early June 2020.

The presentation date for iOS 14 beta is 22 June 2020.
The release date for iOS 14 is September 2020.

iOS 13 was released quite recently, and some are already thinking about iOS 14 and its new features. Recently, the iOS 14 beta concept has appeared on the web with features that Apple could add to the system.

The concept shows new system icons that will update the appearance of the system. There is also GIF integration right in the standard keyboard. The author did not forget about the Split View mode for multitasking, as on the iPad. Support for “drag and drop” is also there.

The concept also shows how Apple could add an always-on display with extensions and multi-user support for the iPhone. This year, the company added an always-on display to the Apple Watch Series, so nothing prevents it from doing the same with the next iPhone. iOS 14 release date. As for the support of several users, on the iPad it is more useful, because the iPhone is a personal gadget.

This is just a concept, so nothing limits the author’s imagination. Here you can even choose the default applications. Many have long dreamed about this, but it is unlikely that the company will do this.

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