ios 14 concept

iOS 14 Concept

The long-awaited features. iOS 14 Concept.

Only a couple of weeks have passed since the release of the final version of iOS 13, but the designers are already fantasizing about what the next version of the mobile OS could be.

Little is known about the new firmware, so most of the visual projects are based solely on speculation. Although among all this diversity, there are really worthy concepts. One of these will be discussed today.

iOS 14

The new concept of iOS 14 was introduced by a designer acting under the pseudonym Tech Blood. Let’s take a look at this visual project.

According to the designer, in iOS 14 you should not wait for global changes in the interface. Developers will focus on the functionality of the iPhone, bringing some useful chips from the iPadOS.


The author of the project is confident that Apple will finally add the split-screen mode into two applications on the iPhone, with the ability to directly “drag and drop” content. Given the size of the displays of modern iPhones, this feature would be very helpful.

ios 14 concept - 2

Another major innovation in iOS 14 is the brand new call screen. The designer listened to the many wishes of users and made an incoming call with a small notification from the bottom, which can be minimized at any time. It is high time!

ios 14 concept - 3

Siri’s voice assistant will become smarter in the next version, the author of the project is sure. The voice assistant call screen will also change – the interface will become minimalistic and will not occupy the entire screen.

ios 14 concept - 4

Improvements are worth the wait and the multitasking menu. Firstly, it will be possible to view open applications from other devices. Secondly, users can in one click go to the settings of the program of interest – thanks to a new button on the multitasking screen. Thirdly, the ability to search for data in a specific application will be added. It looks pretty thoughtful.

In general, the concept can be called really good – what is the redesigned screen of an incoming call worth? It is a pity that this design project has nothing to do with the real plans of Apple.

iOS 14 Beta Release Date

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